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2015 Educational Outreach Project

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10 Choral Workshops and Musical Presentations
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at 10 Elementary, Middle, and High Schools
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Reaching over 800 Students!


February 16-20, 2015 – Sacramento, CA

Vox Musica’s Educational Outreach Program serves as a means of discovery for students new to music (or to formal music instruction in general) and as a valuable source of expert training, historical education, and inspiration for young students, singers and or musicians. It integrates Vox Musica community arts resources—professional artists (musicians, composers, conductors, and educators)—into a comprehensive, needs-based program that underscores the critical role that the arts play in shaping a student’s overall well-being and academic achievement. Vox Musica ensemble members and/or special guest artists/composers will work with participating schools to provide students with a variety of educational activities (e.g. coaching, mentoring, master classes, workshops, and compositional competitions, lecture-concerts, choral festivals, and skills-targeted lessons). Topics may include but will not be limited to, vocal technique, music theory, sight singing, solfege, music terminology, music history and ensemble-building exercises. Vox Musica program staff will conduct evaluations of all completed activities including and assessment of the student learning outcomes.


Vox Musica, will present an educational programs at ten school partners in the greater Sacramento Region. These institutions will be enriched with Vox Musica’s arts resources, hands on demonstrations, engaging activities, group singing, and professional musical performances for interested students. Students will learn about choral and vocal singing and brief historical description of vocal styles and history as the voices of Vox Musica offer their musical presentations that bring music history to life through song, instruments, demonstrations, and participatory activities.

Participating Institutions

St. Patricks Academy
Earl LeGette Elementary School
St. Francis High School
Elk Grove High School
Christian Brothers High School
Oak Ridge High School
Antelope High School

Vox Musica Educational Documents

Vocal Function, Warm-ups, Solfege, and Curwin and Tuning Documents to Support the Choral Music Classroom, Music Education, Choral Ensembles and the Choral Music Ensemble Director.

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Vox-Ed: An Educational Outreach Project – St. Patrick Academy, Sacramento, Feb 2015


Vocal Techniques Covered

Warm-ups, Tone, Pitch, Dynamics, Blend, Languages, Diction, Scales, Vowel Matching, Tuning.

Musical Concepts Learned

Melody, Modes, Phrases; Harmony- Consonance/Dissonance, Texture, Form, Rhythm – Beat, Groove, Meter, Accentuation, Syncopation. Intro to Styles, Periods & Genres: Chant, Renaissance, Contemporary, Classical, Bluegrass, and Folk.

Educational Goals Achieved

Overview of Elements of Music: Properties of Musical Sound: Pitch, Duration, Tone Color, Vocal Styles and Genres, Historical and Vocal Techniques, Musical Ideas and Terminology.

Language Skills

Exposure to Latin, Ukrainian, Russian, Norwegian.


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